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Call Me Jack...; Storyteller series
Topic Started: 11th January 2018 - 07:54 PM (111 Views)

Title: Call Me Jack...
Author: FalconStang
Timeframe: Between the end of LOTF(Legacy Of The Force)and the begining of FOTJ(Fate Of The Jedi)
Characters: Only main character is veritable spacebum known as Jack
Genre: Storyteller

Hello, My friends. You can call me Jack. I'll go ahead and mention that Jack isn't my birth name. I have worked at many tasks over the years and those who worked with me often started calling me Jack because I became a 'jack of all trade and master of none'. In my rather itinerant life I have seen much and love to relate most of it. It would be my pleasure to pass some of these tales along, so long as my tab stays current that is...
I will soon relate a story here, thanks for being interested if you are...
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