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The Ten Commandments
The Port Haven community was founded as a spiritual successor to the defunct StarWars.com Forums; however, non-members and banned members are equally welcome.


I. Thou shalt not post pornography, nor shalt thou post gore; if thou doubtest at all the propriety of a link, thou shalt surely warn thy neighbor that it be unsafe for work.

II. To a single poster let there be a single account: thou shalt not sock by creating multiple accounts for a single user, nor shalt thou crazy cow suit by creating a single account for multiple users, except it be for humorous purposes for a time: but thou shalt by no means evade a ban thereby, nor make mischief, lest my soul abhor thee, and I cut thee off from before my sight.

III. Be not a jerk in any of thy dealings: in all matters let good taste and a charitable spirit prevail, for I am the Admiral am a Fearless Leader, visiting the iniquity of the posters unto the thirty and forty thousandth posts of them that hate me and shewing mercy unto hundreds of them that love me and post stuff that maketh me to giggle.

IV. Make diligent search for existing threads ere ever thou post a new thread, and take care that thou post not a redundant thread, nor a thread in the incorrect forum.

V. Profanity thou mayest use, but not to excess, nor to thy neighbor's hurt.

VI. Thou shalt not include an image in thy signature to waste bandwidth thereby, nay, not even between spoiler tags: that is an abomination in my sight. Moreover thou shalt not use more than two big markup tags in thy signature:


VII. Thou shalt maintain the page width inviolate in all things: if an image be too large for the page, thou shalt link unto it; if a URL be too long for the page, thou shalt reduce it with bit.ly or a similar service. Whoso breaketh the page width, my soul shall hate him.

VIII. Thou shalt not discriminate against thy neighbor, no, not by creed nor by class nor by race: thou shalt hate every poster as an individual.

IX. If thou hast at all changed thy screenname from what it was on StarWars.com, thou shalt surely indicate thine original screenname in thy signature or in thy title.

X. When thou assayest to notify a moderator of a problem, thou shalt provide for his benefit all the particulars, yea unto the very post. And after that thou hast notified him, thou shalt not harangue him any longer, for he too is a man and cannot be in every place at every time; when he seeth thy request he shall help thee right speedily.

DISCLAIMER: Port Haven is not associated in any official capacity with Lucasfilm or its affiliates. However, Port Haven asserts the moral right of its users to claim ownership to any original content they submit hereto.

Additionally, be it known that the staff of Port Haven upholds a gross double standard in all administrative matters and governs by vicious caprice except when suborned with substantial bribes. Accusations of injustice are a source of boundless merriment to us.